Various Sugar Kinds You Will Need in Your Confectionery Shop

Confectioneries are great way to make money out of people with a sweet tooth. They can barely go for a day without eating something sweet. By having the right kinds of sugar at your disposal, provided by a good wholesale lolly supplies company, you will always meet the confectionery needs of your clients regardless of their preferences. To add on that, different types of sugar enable you to make a variety of products including cakes, chocolates, candied nuts and sweet pastries among other things. The following are the various kinds of sugar you can use for your confectionery:

  • Confectioners' Sugar

Confectioners' sugar comes in form of fine powder, making it easily soluble in water and other liquids. In some cases, confectioners' sugar is also called 10x sugar or powdered sugar. It must always be in powdered form for the best results. For this reason, manufacturers blend a little corn starch into confectioners' sugar. Without the corn starch, the sugar will clump together into large granules, rendering it unsuitable for baking.

Confectioners' sugar is suitable for decorating baked stuff, making frosting and icing cakes. This is because of its high level of solubility.

  • Turbinado Sugar

You can easily mistake turbinado sugar for ordinary brown sugar. However, there is a slight difference because turbinado sugar is minimally refined and has large to medium brown crystals. Furthermore, turbinado sugar has a caramel flavour that is absent in ordinary brown sugar. You need for baking caramel flavoured products such as sweets and cakes.

  • Sanding Sugar

Sanding sugar is characterised by large crystals. When you use it on baked cookies or cakes, sanded sugar adds crunch and texture. It also allows you to add colour to the product so that it can appeal to children or specific clients in your target market. For instance, pink coloured sanded sugar suits cakes meant for a lady's birthday.

  • Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar is also referred to as table or refined sugar. It is common in homes and for use in beverages such as tea and coffee. Basically, you need granulated sugar for general purpose baking and sweeting of various confectionery products.

  • Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado sugar is a product of slightly refined cane and presence of molasses in the sugar product. You can find it in a variety of light and dark browns buts its wet, sticky and sandy texture separates it from ordinary brown sugar. Muscavado sugar works well on specific cakes requiring a strong flavour. It is also ideal for marinades and sauces.

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