On Trend Wines Whether You're Dining In or Out

Because it is a seasonal product that relies so much on climatic conditions to produce consistently, what is on trend and what is less fashionable with wine alters with each passing season. Of course, once it is bottled, wine continues to age and some vintages are considered to come into their own only after the passage of a certain amount of time. If you are considering what sort of up-to-the-minute wine to take round to friends or are thinking about a special bottle for the next time you visit a restaurant, then read on to discover 2017's Australian wine trends.

  • Montepulciano

This variety of wine is a favourite among Italian restaurants all over the country. Should you be seeking an on trend bottle from a homegrown winemaker, then the 2014 vintage from Mr Riggs Wine Company at Adelaide Hills is something that is growing in reputation with each passing year. It is an ideal and easily quaffed bottle to order with red meat dishes or pasta. The 2013 vintage is pretty good, too!

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Australian vines are known the world over for producing great cabernet sauvignons. There are a couple that oenophiles ought to seek out this year before they are all sold out. Domain Naturaliste Monus Margaret River is an extremely pleasant tipple if you can find the sought after 2013 vintage. Failing that, try the Deep Woods Estate Grand Selection. This 2013 Wilyabrup cabernet sauvignon is fruity without being overpowering and has received exceptional reviews in some auspicious quarters.

  • Chardonnay

Another Aussie wine variety which is as favoured here as it is in its home country of France is the chardonnay grape. A relative newcomer, the Burch Family Chardonnay from Howard Park in 2015 is well worth tracking down, especially if you enjoy a complex blend of notes in your whites. On the other hand, Coldstream Hills Reserve Chardonnay from the Yarra Valle Estate could not be more straightforward in its style. The 2015 vintage is the one to choose for a special occasion.

  • Shiraz

Perhaps the most talked about red right now is the Brokenwood from Hunter Valley from 2015. This is a complete wine with a full and rich texture that has many wine lovers raving about it. As a tasty and fashionable alternative much-loved by restaurateurs, try a bottle of the Giaconda Estate Vineyard version from 2013. It packs a lot of flavour in the glass and represents reasonable value for money given its chic status.

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Because it is a seasonal product that relies so much on climatic conditions to produce consistently, what is on trend and what is less fashionable wit

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