Fun Finger Food Ideas to Discuss With Your Caterer

Finger foods are a good way to allow guests to mix and mingle, without having to hold a cumbersome plate in their hands. Finger foods also cut down on the use of cutlery, making cleanup a breeze! Check out some fun finger food ideas to discuss with your caterer the next time you're planning any type of event.

Mini pancake bites

This is a great choice for a morning meeting or mixer; these are made with small pancakes that you stack on a skewer, along with a slice of strawberry or a blueberry. Drizzle the stack with a bit of maple syrup for a fun and sweet treat.

Cheeseburger poppers

Cheeseburger poppers are made with a meatball, topped by a small triangle of cheese, a wedge of tomato, a small slice of lettuce, and a section of cooked bacon. Hold it together with a skewer and you have a casual treat that is also perfect for a formal event.

Mushroom and cheese cups

Phyllo or filo dough can be used to make small cups that are perfect for finger foods served at any event. A simple but elegant recipe is to cook sliced mushrooms in your favourite wine sauce, and then mix the mushrooms with softened goat cheese. You can change up this recipe to your own taste; add some sour cream to the mix to make it creamier, or mix in some shallots or garlic with the mushrooms as they're cooking for added taste. Spoon the mixture into the phyllo dough and let cook until the dough is crisp, and then serve.

Beef tenderloin sandwiches

Open-faced mini sandwiches are a great finger food, and they help you get more food from a pricey cut of beef. This recipe can also be changed according to your taste, but start with small slices of French bread, cut on an angle. Cook the beef in a skillet until browned around the sides, and then slice thinly. Add a slice of watercress onto each slice of bread, then a slice of the beef, folded. Dab a bit of horseradish mixed with mustard onto the beef and serve.

Ravioli in a spoon

Ravioli is a great bite-sized food that just about everyone loves; you can have your caterer make it fresh or prepare it as directed on the package. Opt for caterer serving spoons, which are large spoons that hold individual portions. The ravioli should be served in the spoon with warm tomato sauce, and a sprinkle of cheese on top.

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Finger foods are a good way to allow guests to mix and mingle, without having to hold a cumbersome plate in their hands. Finger foods also cut down on