Three Ways To Make A Birthday Cake More Exciting

Birthdays are a very special day in a person's life, and most people like to celebrate them with friends and family. Birthday cakes have been around since the Middle Ages, but sometimes it is hard trying to think of a birthday cake that is outside of the ordinary. As someone who is arranging a cake for a relative's upcoming celebration, consider these three ways your cake shop can make a cake that all the attendees will be talking about after the event is over.

Surprise Flavours

Biting into a chocolate cake and getting a chocolate taste is ordinary, but biting into a brown cake and getting a different flavour is different and exciting. Talk to your baker about what colour/flavour combinations work best to give the element of surprise.

For example, a white cake infused with orange essence and topped with chocolate icing gives an unexpected jaffa flavour burst. A dark brown cake filled with raspberry pulp gives a fruity flavour tone. Ask your baker to prepare several samples and choose the one that packs the best surprise punch.

Unexpected Interior Treats

Another way to jazz up a birthday cake is to have your cake shop fill the inside with unexpected treats. One way to do this is to have the middle of the cake hollowed out and filled with lollies, such as chocolate Smarties or M&Ms.

The centre of the birthday cake doesn't just have to be a solid treat; you could ask for a liquid layer to ooze out instead. For the chocolate fiend of the family, a flowing lava of liquid chocolate escaping after cutting the first slice will win you some brownie points.

Colourful Colours

Birthday cakes don't need to be a boring one colour creation, and your cake shop has access to many different safe-to-eat food colourings to make the inside and outside of your cakes pop.

Don't stick to traditional colour layers in a cake; go for a rainbow creation instead. Your baker will cook the number of cake layers you require, but each one can be a different colour. Once they are stacked on top of each other, the resulting visual effect is stunning.

Now that you have some ideas of ways you can organise a birthday cake that is exciting and unexpected, pop over to your local cake shop to see what ideas they have to make sure this birthday celebration goes off without a hitch.

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