4 Pizza Trends You Won't Want To Miss

If you love pizza, you probably have a favourite topping and base combo you order time and time again, but there are lots of new toppings, sauces and crust styles to choose from. Classic stone baked margherita and deep dish pepperoni remain popular, but why not try one of the recent pizza trends next time you're craving a slice? Here are four pizza trends every pizza lover should try:


Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean influences are showing up on pizzeria menus across Australia, so you can enjoy your pizza while expanding your palate. Look out for spicy jerk chicken pizza with tangy barbeque sauce and fresh mango or a flatbread pizza with garlic pesto sauce, smoky chargrilled vegetables and toasted cashews. Fusion pizzas give you the opportunity to try combinations of sweet fruits and warm spices that perfectly complement fresh mozzarella, herb-infused crusts or speciality cheeses that aren't normally associated with pizza.

Bold Flavours

Restaurants are meeting consumer demand for fresher, more flavourful dishes. For pizza lovers, this means alternative sauces, such as ranch, the inclusion of more fresh herbs, different varieties of chilli peppers and the ability to combine several types of cheese to elevate the flavour of the pizza. Look out for sauces flavoured with citrusy sumac or smoked paprika and cheeses peppered with fiery scotch bonnet chillies or fruity peppadew chillies.

Sweet Versions

Why eat pizza for dinner when you can eat pizza for dinner and dessert? Pizza is increasingly showing up on dessert menus, but don't worry, the sweet version doesn't come with mozzarella. Dessert pizza tends to be a decadent combination of fruit, whipped cream and chocolate on a slightly sweet base. Now, doesn't that sound like the perfect accompaniment to your after dinner coffee?

Alternative Bases

Forget the debate over thin crust or deep dish, the base of your pizza doesn't have to be made with leavened dough. Alternative bases can change your whole pizza eating experience and add a new dimension to your favourite flavour combos. If your pizza just has to be topped with chicken and mushroom or ham and pineapple, why not shake things up by opting for a crispy waffle base? If you'd like to increase the nutrient content of your pizza, try a cauliflower base or a wholegrain spelt base.

There's a lot of buzz around the pizza industry right now. Industry revenue has increased steadily over the past few years, and part of this growth can be attributed to pizza restaurants and takeaways responding to consumer demand for new ways to enjoy a dish that remains popular across Australia. So, why not take advantage of the ever-increasing options available when you order your next pizza?

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