Five Signs You Should Consider an Under-Sink Water Filter

An under-the-sink water filter is a useful way to make your water a bit cleaner. These filters have a range of applications, and there are several reasons that you may want to invest in one. In particular, here are five signs you should buy an under-the-sink filter.

1. You want better tasting coffee or tea

The minerals in water can lend an odd taste to your coffee or tea. If you use water in a soda stream or a similar type of appliance, the mineral profile in your water can also affect those mixtures. An under-the-sink filter can help to remove untasty elements, and that allows the flavour of your coffee, tea or other water-based beverages to shine through.

2. You want cleaner fruits and vegetables

If you rinse your fruits and veggies under tap water, you want the water to wash off mud and random germs picked up in transit. You certainly don't want the water to make your produce taste bad. Unfortunately, the chlorine in most tap water can get on your food. There is typically only a trace amount of chlorine in the water — just enough to sanitise it. That said, if you're very sensitive to the odour and flavour of chlorine, you may notice it and may want to use a filter.

3. You want to remove the fluoride from your water.

Fluoride is added to much of the public water supply in Australia, and like chlorine, it is only added in very small amounts. However, many people are concerned about some of the recent research coming out about the toxicity of fluoride, and if you are concerned, you may also want to use an under-the-sink filter. Note that not all filters can remove fluoride. You may need to get a special filter. Most filters list what minerals and toxins they can filter on the side of the box.

4. Your area has a risk of toxins.

Even if you enjoy the taste of your water, you may want to invest in an under-the-sink water filter just as a safety measure to protect yourself. If you live somewhere where industrial waste or farm pesticides may get into the water supply, you may want to look into filters. Additionally, if you use a private well, you may also want a filter.

5. You have room under the sink.

Finally, consider the logistical elements of installing an under-the-sink filter. If you have lots of room under your sink, you may want to go for it. This style of filter helps you prevent amassing more clutter on your countertops.

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