3 Steps To Throw An Epic Birthday When Hosting Your Food-Crazy Friends

If your friends are foodies, like most people in Australia, then you'll want to make sure you throw an epic party incorporating some unforgettable food items. This commentary equips you with steps to throw a fabulous birthday party when hosting your food-crazy friends.

Create A Theme And Centre Your Food Offerings Around It

Creating a birthday theme will help you centre your food plans around it. This can bring every element of your party together into a single cohesive offering.

For example, if you plan a Hawaiian themed party, then you could organise food items like pineapple pizzas, kalua pork, Hawaiian salad and traditional Hawaiian loco moco. If you throw a Bollywood-inspired party, you could organise food items like butter chicken, tandoori kebabs and roti bread. If you plan an Italian mafia party, you could have food like spaghetti Bolognese, thin-crust pizzas and antipasti. If you decide to host a Scottish tartan extravaganza, then haggis, mash potato and short bread should be on your agenda.

You could make the party even more interesting by turning it into a costume get-together incorporating these themes.

Settle On Your Guest List To Plan Food Quantities

Whether you decide to cook on your own or hire a professional caterer, keep in mind that you must plan your food quantities based on your guest list because you don't want to end up with too much or too little. A professional caterer is well equipped to help you plan the amount of food you will need for your party based on your guest list. It's also a good idea to find out whether people have food allergies or preferences so that you don't end up serving shellfish, mushrooms and nuts to guests who are horribly allergic to them.  

Make Sure You Have A Variety Of Food Items To Cater To Different Tastes

If you have several guests arriving for the party, you must have a variety of foods to cater to different tastes and preferences. This is especially important when some of your guests are vegan, vegetarian, kangatarian or pescatarian. You must have a mix of seafood, vegetarian and gluten-free foods to ensure that you cater to the different tastes of all your guests without leaving anyone out. You'll also want to ensure you have a good mix of main courses, finger foods and desserts for guests who prefer some foods over others.

If you have food-crazy friends and are planning to throw a party, follow these steps to make it epic. Consider hiring a catering company to take some of the stress out of party planning.

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