Tasty Chinese Dishes Everyone Must Try

When it comes to Chinese food, you may stick to favourites like sweet and sour chicken or a simple beef and pea pod dish. However, the next time you're at a Chinese restaurant, you might want to try something new and different. Many Chinese dishes sound exotic from their name alone but can be very tasty to even the most discerning palate. Consider a few suggestions.

Chow fun

This dish is named after its noodles, which are very wide and a bit chewy. They're often paired with a protein, usually beef, although you can try chicken or pork. The dish is cooked with soy sauce, usually over a high heat, so the sauce caramelises slightly and becomes thick.

Chow mein

This common Chinese dish consists of noodles that are fried along with meat, celery and other vegetables. There is soy sauce mixed in with the dish, and the noodles are often flat so they can better absorb the flavour of the oil in which they're fried. For something crispy and flavourful, opt for chow mein and whatever meat you prefer.

Egg foo young

This dish is the Chinese equivalent of an omelette; an egg or two will be fried along with rice, a meat patty of some sort, beans, sprouts and whatever else is the speciality of the restaurant you visit. Egg foo young is a favourite for those who want to eat light but still need their protein.

Happy family

When you see this dish on the menu, read closely the ingredients as it will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Happy family refers to a mixture of whatever proteins are included, meaning a variety of meats, seafood or soybeans, along with different vegetables. The dish is then coated in a brown sauce and typically fried to help bring out the flavour. For the most variety or for a dish you might share, try happy family.

Kung pao

This dish is very spicy; it's usually made with chicken along with peanuts, chilli peppers, onions and sprouts. It may be cooked in orange juice, garlic and ginger for even more spice and flavour. Some restaurants will allow you to choose something not so spicy if you're looking for a more mild taste to the dish.

Moo goo gai pan

This dish may sound exotic, but it usually involves cubed chicken along with mushrooms, sprouts and other vegetables cooked in a mild white sauce. If you're looking for a dish that isn't so spicy and exotic, this might be the best choice.

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