How to Menu Plan for Your Event

Event planning can be chaotic and stressful but get everything right and it's a rewarding feeling. There are people to help you along the way too. It is essential that you bring in catering services to help you with your event catering. You'll still need to provide them with information, but they will make the event run smoothly and take a lot of the pressure off you.

Here's some other handy advice to ensure the catering for your event is a memorable winner in the minds of all your guests.

  • Know your Guests - Hopefully, with it being your event, you'll know who your guests are,and to some extent their preferences. If it's business meeting it'd help to know your guests  professional level, and if their job means they attend lots of these events. If do, you can let your caterers know that this needs to stand out and be different from other events. But, for any event you need to know the ages, and preferences of your guests. Older guests usually tend to enjoy milder menus more, whilst younger guests are known to prefer something more adventurous. You may also need to discern how health conscious your guests are to cater for those needs.
  • Choice - The best way to combat guests complaints is to offer them plenty of choice. Not every guests is going to like the same thing, or everything on your menu so offering plenty of alternatives is a goof way to ensure that everyone is catered for. Some good guidelines are to work in threes, which means offering three options, so three entrees, three salad dressing and three desserts, etc.
  • Seasonal and Regional - Offering a menu that fits with the season can make the menu more appealing to your guests as it will allow for fresh, local produce to be used. This will also allow for you to make your menus more regional, using popular food items from the area to enhance your menu. This ensures that your food will be at it's freshest and that your event will stand out whilst also feeling at one with the surroundings.
  • Presentation - It's a famous saying that we eat with our eyes, and what we see influences how we taste. So, it's important that your event gets the presentation right. This can be something that catering services can come up with, or you may have the ideas to enact exactly what you want. Or it could be the type of event which dictates what the presentation is.If it is a fast paced event you may want to put together a boxed lunch, but if you have more time a plated lunch would be the most viable option.

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